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photo of child eating vegies holding a pencil

Crunch&Sip® trade secrets

  • May 24, 2021

Want to know a few of our Crunch&Sip® trade secrets when it comes to packing the freshest, crunchiest and juiciest Crunch&Sip®? These winning tips can even be applied to the vegies and fruit you include in the lunchbox.

Winter warmers

  • May 24, 2021

Now is a good time to dust off the thermos and start thinking about packing the lunchbox with some warm food for kids to enjoy across the day.

Easter Hunt

Everyone loves an Easter hunt

  • Mar 31, 2021

Why not mix it up this Easter by including just a few choccy eggs alongside some of these fun (and healthy!) alternatives.

Pack lunch like a pro!

  • Feb 22, 2021

Packing a nutritious lunch (that actually gets eaten) can feel like a challenge on busy mornings. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can whip up healthy and affordable sandwiches, wraps or rolls that are ready for the school bag in no time at all.

Junk food campaign on the back of a bus

Creating healthy environments for kids

  • Jan 28, 2021

We know that WA families are trying to stay healthy and well. But the world around us doesn’t make this easy, especially when junk food industries are allowed to market their products to kids, and build their unhealthy outlets anywhere they want.

Back to school chalk board and healthy lunchbox

KickStart Crunch&Sip- Staying motivated

  • Jan 21, 2021

Crunch&Sip is the perfect way to fill hungry little tummies with a healthy snack of vegetables or fruit and to hydrate with water. Hungry kids can be grumpy kids so not only is Crunch&Sip an opportunity to eat extra serves of veg and fruit, it is also reported to improve concentration and behaviour. We have pulled together some tips to help you stay motivated and to continue Crunch&Sipping in your classroom.