Father packing lunchbox

How do you pack a lunchbox with goodness ?

Each day at school try to pack:

  • Lunch (main)
  • A healthy snack (mini)
  • Extra fruit or vegies (munch)
  • Water
Try to pack your child's lunchbox with healthy food from the five food groups. This includes wholegrains, protein (such as lean meat, egg, fish or hummus), reduced-fat dairy, vegetables and fruits. Don't forget to pack water.

There is no one size fits all model. We encourage you to do your best for your child, and remember to celebrate the small wins. 

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Aim to pack a lunch with some grains, protein and vegies. This can include a sandwich, wrap, sushi, pasta, curry, falafel or any dinner leftovers. Where needed, add an ice pack to keep food safe.


Reach for a healthy snack such as cheese and grainy crackers, hard boiled eggs, homemade muffins, plain yoghurt, popcorn, tinned tuna, baked beans or fruit. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive.


If you think your child needs more food, pack some extra fruits and vegetables for them to enjoy. Pick seasonal to save money and encourage variety.


Remember to pack water for your child.

If it's all healthy food, it doesn't matter what order the food is eaten in! Anything they reach for will provide them with long-lasting energy to get the best out of their school day.

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A healthy packed lunchbox

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Lunchbox examples

Our lunchbox examples range from super simple through to something more adventurous.
The images below might inspire you to swap out a sandwich for some leftovers, to whip up a new baked good to throw in each day, or give you something to aim for when the time is right. We encourage our parents to do their best and use these examples in a way that works for their families needs.  
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Lunchbox crop 3
Lunchbox crop 4
Lunchbox crop 5
Lunchbox crop 6
Lunchbox crop 7
Friday lunchbox
Monday lunchbox
Water bottle

Healthy Swaps

Swap this...

juice, fruit drink, cordial
processed cheese dips and crackers
dairy desserts
store bought cakes, muffins and pastries
chocolate bars
sweet biscuits
muesli bars, breakfast bars
savoury biscuits
roll ups, fruit sticks
packets of chips

...for these healthy snacks instead!

water bottle




Wholegrain crackers and cheese

Wholemeal crackers and cheese

Vegetable sticks

Veggie sticks and hummus

Tomato cheese sandwich

Cheese and tomato sandwich

Berry smoothie

Berry smoothie

Yoghurt and berries

Yoghurt and fruit

Fruit bread

Fruit toast

Pear pancakes

Pear pancakes

Zucchini muffins

Zucchini muffins

Apple crumble

Apple crumble

Home made fruit loaf

Fruit loaf

Buttered crumpet




Celery boats

Celery boats


Dried fruit




Crackers and hummus

Rice cracker with topping

Cottage cheese rice cake

diced peaches in cup

Fruit cup


Dried fruit



Honey roasted chickpeas

Honey roasted chickpeas

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds

Nuts and seeds