The sustainable lunch box

If you are participating in Plastic Free July or would just like to reduce your single-use waste, then keep an eye out this month for some great tips and tricks you can use to reduce single-use plastic waste when food shopping, grabbing lunch on the go, and packing the lunchbox. 

Shop in bulk

Buy the big tub, packet or bag, or head to your local bulk foods store and pack your own single serves with reusable containers from home. Not only will this reduce the amount of packaging you use, it will help you save money!

Invest in some reusable produce and shopping bags

Stock up on some reusable produce bags and take them food shopping with you each week. This way your fruit and vegies can be weighed and stored without grabbing any single use plastic bags to separate each item. 

Cook from scratch

Try making some of your own snacks to minimise waste. Convenience comes at a cost and most snacks are heavily packaged. When we make our own, we can also reduce added sugars and fats as well as boost the vegies and wholegrains. Healthy muffins, piklets and roasted chickpeas are easy, healthy snacks to make at home. See some of our winning recipes here

Choose food in their own wrappers.

There are many great snack foods that come in their own natural wrapper to keep them fresh. These include foods such as; eggs, mandarins, bananas and avocados. You can even draw smiley faces on them to add some fun.

Sustainable lunchbox necessities

Containers, reusable food pouches and beeswax wraps can be a fantastic way to keep your lunch fresh without using single-use plastic. Why not invest in a good set of reusable cutlery and carry it with you when out and about? Most cutlery sets even come with a straw and chopsticks so you will have no excuse for using disposable cutlery when picking up lunch on the go.

Buy from fresh producers

When you head to the local bakery, butcher, farmers market or gourmet deli you can bring your own container or bag and buy fresh produce without taking home the waste.  This will reduce your single use plastic at the same time as reducing your food miles, supporting small business and buying the freshest produce on offer! 


Swap single use plastic water bottles for a good quality refillable  bottle. Water bottles you can wash and refill are much kinder to the environment than ones that end up in landfill. Let your kids choose their favourite colour or style, which may even encourage them to drink more water.

Make your own (MYO) ideas:

MYO bees wax wraps

Packing a sandwich can be tricky without something to wrap it in. Have you ever tried making your own beeswax wraps? These fantastic cling wrap alternatives will keep any roll, wrap or sandwich together until it’s time for lunch. Just wipe and reuse day after day. Click here for instructions on how to make your own set.

MYO yoghurt

Yoghurt is surprisingly easy to make! By making your own, you reduce the use of plastic packaging and cut costs as well. You can even experiment with the types of milk you use, and the different fruits that you flavour your finished product with. Happy culturing!

Follow this link to an easy 5 minute step by step video on yoghurt making.