Permitted food and drinks



  • All fresh vegetables are permitted (e.g. celery, carrot sticks, broccoli bits)
  •  Vegetables canned in water with no added salt (e.g. corn spears, baby carrots, butter beans)


  • All fresh fruit (e.g. whole fruits, chopped melon)
  • Fruit canned in water, juice or with no added sugar (e.g. peach slices). Don't forget a spoon!
  • Dried fruit like sultanas or apricots are allowed for Crunch&Sip but should be limited. This is because dried fruit tends to cling to teeth and is a concentrated source of sugar, increasing the risk of tooth decay.


  • A clean, clear water bottle filled with plain water.

Not Allowed

All other food and drinks are not permitted including:

  • Any drinks other than plain water including fruit or vegetable juice, fruit juice drink, fruit cordial, mineral waters, carbonated water, water with added vitamins and minerals
  • 'Fruit' products (e.g. fruit leather, fruit roll-ups, fruit bars or similar)
  • Fruit jams, jellies, pies or cakes
  • Fruit canned in syrup or jelly or with artificial sweeteners
  • Dips, including those that are vegetable-based
  •  Marinated or processed vegetables (e.g. olives)
  • Vegetable or potato crisps, hot potato chips
  • Vegetable pastries (pies, pasties, sausage rolls)
  • Vegetable cakes, fritters, quiches, breads or similar
  • Popcorn

Don't Forget

  • Please slice small whole fruit and vegetables like grapes and cherry tomatoes into halves or quarters for younger children to reduce the choking hazard.
  • Wash all fruit and vegetables before eating
  • Easy-to-eat fruit and veg is best
  • Buying fruit and vegetables in season is cheaper and tastes better
  • Students should wash their hands before eating
  • Wash water bottles daily
  • Don't share water bottles