Crunch&Sip® trade secrets

photo of child eating vegies holding a pencil
Want to know a few of our Crunch&Sip® trade secrets when it comes to packing the freshest, crunchiest and juiciest Crunch&Sip®? These winning tips can even be applied to the vegies and fruit you include in the lunchbox.

Keep’em fresh 
  • Fresh fruit is a great option for Crunch&Sip®. Some kids prefer their fruit cut up, which means browning can be an issue. Try squeezing some lemon juice over your fruit or dunking it in soda water. This will stop fruit from going brown. Storing the fruit in an airtight container will also keep it fresh for longer!
  • Keep Crunch&Sip® juicy and crisp by laying a cold, wet paper towel on top of your cut up vegie sticks before securing the lid.
  • Pack an ice block with your Crunch&Sip® to cool vegies in summer. 

Next best thing 
  • Why not make tinned or frozen (thawed) vegetables part of your line up too? They can make a great option for Crunch&Sip® if you choose salt/sugar reduced options that have been well drained. Try some tinned baby corn spears, asparagus or frozen peas.
Pack an old favourite and a newbie too!
  • All kids have their favourite vegetables and fruits for Crunch&Sip®, and that’s perfectly fine! But if you’re trying to boost the variety of fresh produce in their diet, Crunch&Sip® is the perfect opportunity to do so. Try pairing a fave (something you know they will eat), with something new or less familiar. Start with trying out sweeter vegetables like red capsicum or cherry tomatoes to get them on board.

Preparation is key  red capsicum on chopping board

  • Whilst you are cutting up vegies for dinner, cut some extra vegie sticks for tomorrow’s Crunch&Sip®. It will save you time and dishes!
  • Shop with Crunch&Sip® in mind. When writing your shopping list, be sure to add Crunch&Sip® options to your list. A punnet of cherry tomatoes, sugar snap peas, some baby cucumbers or a couple of carrots are all great options.
Get the kids involved
  • Let your kids pick out a special Crunch&Sip® container from the supermarket. You could even get them to decorate it with stickers.
  • When shopping, encourage kids to choose their Crunch&Sip® vegetables for the week.
  • Get the kids to help chop and pack their own Crunch&Sip® each morning.

Remember that persistence really does pay off. They may not reach for the new vegies at first, but sometimes it takes 20 yucks before you get a yum.