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Mother & daughter making fruit kebabs

School holiday fun at home

  • Apr 20, 2020

School holidays and weekends are being spent a little differently this Autumn so we’ve come up with 5 activities involving fruit and vegetables to keep children entertained in the comfort of your own home.

Tray of fresh hot cross buns

Make your own : Hot Cross Buns

  • Apr 09, 2020

Learn how to make this simple healthy Hot cross bun recipe to share with your loved ones over the Easter holidays.

Students eating vegetables

Vegies on WA school menus for March Munch

  • Feb 26, 2020

School kids still aren’t eating enough vegies, so next month WA students will be challenged to eat vegies every day as part of Crunch&Sip’s® March Munch initiative.

Insulated lunchbox with water bottle

Food safety tips

  • Jan 21, 2020

As we hit the hottest months of the year it’s the perfect time to talk about food safety. Whilst packing lunch from home is a cost effective option, when lunchboxes are not stored properly and kept cool there is a risk of food spoilage and potentially food poisoning.

Image of school girl holding and apple and water bottle

Kick start the year with healthy habits

  • Jan 13, 2020

A new year, a new class and a fresh start. Establishing classroom routines and rituals can include building healthy habits. Here are some tips on how to embed Crunch&Sip and SunSmart practices from the start of the year.

image of celery sticks as reindeers using food for decoration


  • Dec 10, 2019
  • Mikala Atkinson

With the summer holidays just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about some fun and easy family activities that won’t break the bank. Why not get your kids helping in the kitchen and create some yummy festive snacks to enjoy with family and friends.