Keep a rainbow in reach!

Are your kids tired of the same carrot sticks and apple for Crunch&Sip each day?

Choosing different coloured vegetables and fruits keeps it interesting and is good for you too!

A rainbow of colourful vegetables and fruits provide different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. This will help give your children the right balance of nutrients for good health. That's why we say 'Crunch a rainbow!'.
Veggie inspiration


  • Red – red capsicum, cherry tomatoes, radishes

  • Orange and yellow – carrot, yellow tomatoes, corn, orange and yellow capsicum

  • Green – celery, cucumber, snow peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli, green capsicum, peas, avocado

  • Blue and purple – purple carrot, purple cauliflower

  • White and brown – mushrooms, cauliflower


  • Red – strawberry, red apples, watermelon, red grapes, cherries, raspberries, red plum, tamarillos

  • Orange and yellow – orange, mango slices, pawpaw, apricot, golden kiwifruit, mandarin, peaches, sliced persimmon, sliced pineapple, rockmelon, tangerine

  • Green – kiwifruit, honeydew melon, green apple, green grape, pear

  • Blue and purple – figs, black grapes, blueberries, purple-skinned plums

  • White and brown – bananas, brown pears, nashi pears, white nectarines, white peaches, lychee

As small, whole fruits and vegetables like grapes and cherry tomatoes can be a choking hazard for younger children, please slice these into halves or quarters before sending them to school.