How to participate

Each day make sure your child goes to school with a clean clear bottle filled with water, and vegetables or fruit for Crunch&Sip – that’s all you need to do!


Vegetables such as carrot or celery sticks, cherry tomatoes or snow peas

OR Easy-to-eat seasonal fruit such as a small apple, a container with hulled strawberries, a mandarin or banana

OR Canned fruit in natural juice with a spoon

And Sip

A clean, clear water bottle filled with plain water

See a full list of permitted food and drinks

Preparing and storing Crunch&Sip

  • Wash all fruit and vegies. Get the kids involved in this!
  • Cut fruit and veg into easy-to-eat pieces
  • Store fruit and veg in a sealed container
  • Chill in an insulated lunch bag for extra crunchiness
  • Include a spoon or fork for juicy fruit and veg like mango, avocado and melon. This will stop sticky fingers in the classroom.
  • Time-saving tips
    • Prepare vegie sticks in advance! They will stay fresh in the fridge for several days if kept in an airtight container with a wet paper towel.
    • A whole carrot, apple or celery stick is perfect for older kids – no chopping required! Sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes and grapes are good for little ones.

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