Our top lunchbox editions: Summer 2023-2024

Guest Author: Student Dietitian Rachel C. 

The weather is getting warmer, and we are gearing up for summer holidays. With warmer weather comes more outdoor activities for our little ones.

To keep our kids healthy, hydrated, and full of energy, we have put together a list of our favourite fresh snacks this season. Store them in the fridge for something cool, throw them in the lunchbox for easy on the go, or munch on them in the holidays as you head out for adventure… these suggestions are as delicious and nourishing as they are easy.

Our top lunchbox picks:


Blueberries in childs hands Blueberries are in season at about $2.00 a punnet! We are loving leaving that high price tag behind this season and reaching for such an easy and delicious snack to throw in the lunchbox. Our top ways to include blueberries are:

On top of yoghurt. We recommend a natural yoghurt to reduce added sugars.

On bread with ricotta or cottage cheese.

On their own! Blueberries are the perfect snack. Include them in a container for the mini or munch in the lunchbox.


Guacomole with corn chips Avocados are perfectly ripe and going for less than $2.00 each. Avocados provide lots of nutrients, healthy fats, and energy. Our top ways to include avocado in the lunchbox are:

Guacamole! Guac goes well with some homemade corn chips (wraps, cut into triangles, tossed in olive oil and a little salt, and put in the oven for 10 minutes), as well as with rice crackers or cut up vegie sticks.

On rice cakes with tomato slices, or with vegemite (have you tried avocado and vegemite? If not, give it a go!)

Sliced and added into sandwiches, rolls, or wraps.

Head to the website for tasty recipe ideas that show you ways to add some avo to the lunchbox.
Guacamole, Avocado & Egg Sandwich, Chunky chicken salad & Avocado Sandwich, Sweet chili chicken wrap

Check out our abundance of avocado blog for even more ideas.


Yoghurt with berries on the side Yoghurt is a summer staple as the weather gets warmer, great for cooling the kids down. Yoghurt also provides calcium which is important for strong bones. Our top tips for including yoghurt are:

Simply scoop some greek or natural yoghurt into a bowl. Some kids find natural yoghurt a little tart, so if your child prefers slightly sweeter, add a teaspoon of honey, some fresh fruit, or look for a low sugar vanilla yoghurt variety.

From the freezer! Freezing yoghurt the night before gives your child a nice icy snack the next day.

Don’t forget the alternatives too. If your child doesn’t eat dairy, there are plenty of good alternatives. Just make sure you select a dairy free yoghurt with added calcium.

Head to the website for cool recipes ideas for adding some yoghurt to the lunchbox:
Yoghurt cup, Yoghurt rice pudding, minty yoghurt dip 

A frozen water bottle

Frozen water bottles are the hot summer day saviour!  Not only will an icy cold bottle cool your child down, but it will also promote drinking more water during the day, which is important during summer.

Our top tips for including a frozen water bottle in your child’s school bag are:

Wrap the frozen water bottle in a tea towel. As it melts, the condensation can leave small puddles on the school desk or in the backpack. We wouldn’t want your child’s schoolwork getting damaged!

Make sure you have a backup. Keep in mind that it may take some time for the water bottle to start melting, and your child will need water for the day. Provide a non-frozen water bottle as a backup.

Use the frozen water bottle as a freezer brick in the lunchbox. This will help food stay cool for even longer during the hotter months.