An abundance of avocados!

Mikala Atkinson, Nutritionist

When you head to the supermarket, it is hard not to notice the abundance of ripe, plump and super cheap avocados lining the shelves. Have you found yourself wondering why this ordinarily pricey produce is so affordable at the moment?

Avocado production has boomed in recent times with significant growth in the industry occurring around five years ago, and now the farmers are seeing the fruits of all their hard work – literally!

So why are we seeing avocados on the shelves for as low as $1? Simple economics tells us that when supply increases, the price will drop, and prices this year are 47 per cent below the five-year average. This cheap price tag will hopefully see more avocados going into shopping trolleys and less going to waste.

So what can you do to help out? Up your avo intake! Grab yourself a bag of avocados next time you pop to the shops and throw them in to your breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are plenty of ways to use this delicious and nutritious fruit.

Avocados are high in good fats, healthy fibre and will help you stay full for longer. They are also packed with more potassium than a banana, plus folate, magnesium and plenty more. So whether you like to smash them, slice them, blend them or freeze them, there is a recipe to suit all occasions.

See below for some of our favourite avocado ideas and simply click on the image for the full recipe. 

Green Smoothie

green smoothie in a jar 


 guacamole and pita bread slices

Toast toppers 

avocado and tomato on toast

Prawn and avocado rice paper rolls 

prawn and avocado rice paper rolls