Healthy class parties

Nicole Toia,

With the end of term fast approaching, it’s time to come together to celebrate the achievements of another jam-packed year of school.

Sharing food with friends is a great way to relax and take part in the festivities, but when you are asked to bring a plate, it can be hard to know what to reach for. To help you strike the balance between healthy and fun for your next classroom party, try some of our tips and ideas below:

Tips for making party plates with a difference:

Reach for a rainbow

Using fresh fruit and vegetables is a great way to make your plate or platter colourful and bright.

Choose a theme

Having a theme such as animals, colours, or a calendar event can help with creativity and add a touch of fun to your plate of food.

Plate it up

Put some thought into how you plate up your food. This could mean cutting food into shapes or arranging it in an artistic way, or simply using a funky or colourful plate or bowl.

Party plate ideas

Something simple

(these ideas can be creatively plated up for extra fun and engagement)

Air-popped popcorn

Serve in a giant popcorn box like the ones you get at the movies

Vegetable sticks  and dip

Make it look like a lion’s mane with the vegies surrounding the bowl of dip

Vegie or fruit kebabs

Make rainbows on the sticks by ordering your fruit and vegetables by colour

Something a little more adventurous

(have a little bit of fun in the kitchen and see what you can create)