Summer platters

Nicole Toia,

Heading into summer and the holiday season, it’s all about BBQs, picnics, and classroom parties. Platters are a great way to bring something healthy and tasty along when you’re asked to bring a plate to share. Whether feeding a pack of hungry kids or heading to a get together with family, there are lots of fun ways to arrange your ingredients. Think fresh, seasonal, and colourful as you whip up your next healthy platter and watch as the masses dig in!

Putting together a healthy platter:

  1. Choose a theme for your share plate such as Christmas, animals, a colourful pattern, or a freeform creation!  
  2. Once you have chosen your theme, it’s time to create the vision. You could design an edible Christmas wreath, a winding snake, or a festive assortment of colourful ingredients.
  3. Choose your plate or board to serve.
  4. Select your ingredients thinking about the colours you would like on your plate. Include plenty of bright vegetables and fruits, plus other ingredients to bulk it up such as crackers* or bread, reduced-fat cheese, nuts and seeds, dips and dried fruit.
  5. Assemble your platter in your chosen design. You may like to use cookie cutters to shape the ingredients or some additional props to highlight your theme.
  6. Serve and share, remembering to provide serving utensils such as tongs and side plates. Where possible, make the vegies and fruit easy to grasp for the younger grazers at the table.

* Be sure to read our article on what is the better of the bunch when it comes to crackers. 

See below a range of simple platter ideas for your next gathering.

Christmas ideas

Christmas wreath out of strawberries and blueberry's    Vegie wreath   Healthy Christmas wreath

Summer party ideas

Caterpillars made of celery, fruit and peanut butter   Fruit Pizza   Capsicum octopus in a sea of dip   Snake sandwich platter