Affordable kitchen gadgets for making speedy school lunches

Katie Liddiard,

Are you looking for ways to save time whilst whipping up nutritious, delicious, and fun lunches this school year? These handy kitchen gadgets are just what you need.

1. Sushi Making Kit 

Sushi can be a great lunch option! It is cheap to make and can be rolled with plenty of different fillings. Using a sushi making kit will save you lots of time and makes it easier for little helpers to have a go too.  Prepare your steamed rice and favourite fillings, fill the sushi maker, and compress using the plunger to make a perfect round of sushi. Then place your rolled rice and fillings onto the edge of a nori sheet, roll and seal the edge, slice, and serve!

Remember to be food safe and keep your sushi cold using a freezer block and insulated bag.

Check out our sushi recipe here

2. Fruit Slicers

fruit slicer

Do your kids prefer to eat their fruit chopped up instead of whole? Try using a fruit slicer for easy and fuss-free chopping of your favourite fruits.

Hot tip: drizzle some lemon or lime juice on top to stop the fruit from browning.

 3. Multi Grater and Dicer 

multi grater

Do you have limited time when it comes to chopping and dicing your veg? Multi grater and dicers will be your new best friend! This kitchen gadget saves time and reduces mess when chopping up veg, making it much easier and quicker to include more in your meals.

 4. Egg Cooker

egg cooker

Egg cookers take the guess work out of cooking eggs!  They are super simple to use, just pop in your egg and cook until desired. Perfect for the lunch box or even for a quick brekkie before school!

For some great egg sandwich recipes check out the links below:

 5. Sandwich Cutter and Sealer 

cookie cutter

Using sandwich cutters or cookie cutters is a fun and engaging way for your kids to enjoy sandwiches. Why stop there? You can even cut your fruit, veg, and cheese slices into different shapes.

 6. Silicone egg rings for perfectly shaped pikelets or mini omelettes

slicone egg ring

Pikelets and omelettes make perfect bite sized snacks for the lunch box. Using silicone egg rings when cooking will help ensure they cook at just the right size for your little ones, and as an added bonus you can create some cool shapes.  

Extra prep and pack hacks that will save you time in the morning

1. Chop extra veg the night before

Save yourself time chopping in the morning and cut some extra veg when preparing dinner. Store in the fridge in an airtight container and use for lunchboxes the next day.

2. Double batch and freeze 

Pikelets, omelettes, fritters, muffins, rissoles and meatballs are just some of the foods that can be made in bulk and frozen. This way you always have something quick to grab when packing lunches. Healthy homemade snacks are great to have on hand during busy times!

3. Use leftovers for lunch 

Simplify the morning lunch rush and send your kids to school with dinner leftovers.  Using leftovers for lunch is budget friendly too as it saves you from preparing an additional meal for the lunch box. .

Looking for more inspo?

If you are looking for easy recipes or want some new ideas, we have plenty of healthy meals and snacks on our website! Click on the links below to find out more.

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