Promoting health through social media

Nicole Toia,

Social media often gets a bad rap in the school context, but it can be used as a helpful tool. With a little know-how, socials can provide a platform to share the school’s vision, communicate with parents and students, and promote health messages relevant to the school community. 

How social media can promote health in your school

  • Share content consistent with your school’s values and attitudes. Think carefully about promoting your school’s focus and be mindful not to contradict your message. If your school has a nutrition focus, then promote healthy ideas and suggestions that support this.
  • Use social media to reinforce health messages children are learning in school. If students are learning about vegetables, post fun facts or recipes that include vegetables or images of students and teachers participating in health activities and programs.
  • Tap into resources available from reputable health organisations. Many have social media resources to download or share directly from their social media page. Find our Crunch&Sip® downloadable social media tiles on our website. 
  • Use a variety of content types such as graphics, photos of students, recipe ideas and short videos.

Short on time? Use scheduling programs such as Meta-Business Suite (Facebook) or later (Instagram). With a little bit of teacher supervision, students could even coordinate the monthly social media schedule.

C&S social media tile - Healthy Swaps  School student eating carrot  C&S social media tile - we are a Crunch&Sip school C&S social media tile - Water is the perfect sports drink