Crunch&Sip® doesn’t always have to involve a crunch!

Nicole Toia,

Whilst crunchy and juicy veg is often a favourite for Crunch&Sip®, it doesn’t mean it has to be crunchy to qualify.

Crunch&Sip® can be packed in a range of ways to cater for children who have a sensitivity or dislike certain textures, or children who have difficulties chewing or swallowing.

Veg prepared in different ways
Some children prefer their vegetables served differently. As a teacher, you can encourage your students to participate in Crunch&Sip® by promoting various ways they can prepare and enjoy vegetables.

How to change the way veg is be packed for Crunch&Sip®:
Cook it. When we cook veg it changes the taste and texture, often making it softer and sweeter. This may be more appealing to some children and could make it easier to eat.
Chop it differently. Children may prefer their veg chopped in a certain way, for example younger children might prefer smaller pieces as they are easier to chew.
Mince, mash, or puree it. This is an accessible option for children who cannot bite or have reduced tongue control.
Use tinned veg. Tinned is often softer than fresh, making it easier to chew and swallow.

Different options for Crunch&Sip® 
• Steamed (small cubes or pieces)
• Minced (roughly processed)
• Pureed (smooth paste)
• Blanched (florets or sticks)
• Roasted (chunks)
• Mashed (smooth or chunky)
• Frozen (defrosted or cooked)
• Cubed (using soft produce such as avocado)
• Tinned (using beans or suitable veg or fruit)

Don’t forget to encourage students to bring a fork or spoon with some of these options.