Crunch&Sip® and COVID

Mikala Atkinson, Nutritionist

To minimise the spread of germs during the COVID pandemic, some schools found it easier to pause the Crunch&Sip® program and reduce the need for children to be fiddling with or removing their masks inside the classroom as much as possible.

Now that teachers are back to running a normal program, we hope that Crunch&Sip® has relaunched in all our registered schools and is being delivered as an in-class break for students to refuel during lesson time.

Tips for keeping Crunch&Sip going in a healthy way

  • Remind kids to wash their hands or use a hand sanitiser after the main breaks so they are reaching for Crunch&Sip® minus the germs.
  • Discourage any sharing of Crunch&Sip® amongst students as it is designed to be a self-supplied snack.
  • Encourage the addition of a spoon or fruit fork to reduce the likelihood of sticky fingers.

If your school is not a registered Crunch&Sip® School and would like to become one, then head to our website and fill out the registration form. Signing up is easy! All new schools go in the running to win a $500 prize pack which includes lots of goodies to get your students excited about crunching on extra serves of vegies and fruits and sipping on water to stay hydrated across the day.