Swapping made simple – different roles of foods.

Nicole Toia,

The ingredients we add to the food we cook all play a different role in the recipe. For example, an ingredient can be used to change the taste or the texture of the meal we are trying to create.

If you are missing a key ingredient that the recipe asks for, don’t stress! Plenty of foods perform the same function, so you can easily swap an ingredient and work with what you have available on the day based on what you need it for.

To make swapping super simple, we have listed a few foods that play similar foodie roles. You can chop and change within each list to add different tastes and textures to your final dish.

Ingredient swaps based on food roles.

Swaps for strachy bases Swaps for creaminessSwaps for acidity  Swaps for sweetness Swaps for saltiness Swaps for savouriness Swaps for protien Flavour hits