Storybooks about vegies

Himani Jog,

Reading about new foods with children is like free advertising and reduces the amount of encouragement needed to willingly give it a go.

This is why picture books are a great way to expose children to new foods they may not have tried before.

Whilst storytelling helps promote positive behaviours amongst children, such as munching vegies, in order to encourage adventurous eating exposure to a wide range of  vegetables is required. To help increase this exposure, we’ve compiled a list of books to add to your school or classroom library for children to enjoy and gain exposure to the different types of fruits and vegies eaten around the world.

Let’s Eat- Foodbank

This story takes children on a journey through the Western Australian bush
with a young Aboriginal girl called Daisy. Daisy meets Superhero Foods
characters along the way and learns the special powers that each food
provides when eaten.

Rainbow Plate- Dr Preeya Alexander

Rainbow Plate is a book designed to engage young children in discussion
around healthy eating habits and the benefits of eating lots of different
coloured fruits and vegies.

Oliver’s Vegetables- Vivian French

Whatever vegetable Oliver finds in his grandfather’s garden, he must eat.
This story teaches children about healthy food and introduces the days of
the week.

Joe’s Epic Breakfast Adventure- Foodbank

Joe’s epic breakfast adventure is a book about an epic journey through
fridge world. Through this journey Joe learns about foods that are good and
those that aren’t always the best option.

Other titles include:

  • I'm Having a Rainbow for Dinner- Aloysa Hourigan
  • I Will Not Ever Eat a Tomato- Lauren Child
  • Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli-  Barbara Jean Hicks
  • Beautiful Bananas- Elizabeth Laird