Congratulations Bull Creek Primary School!

Bull Creek primary Principal holding  tray of bagged up fruit

A Crunch&Sip® success story!

Crunch&Sip® officially welcomed Bull Creek Primary School onboard just over a year ago in March 2021. Since joining the program staff have hit the ground running and implemented many exciting and innovative strategies to support the rollout of Crunch&Sip® and encourage healthy eating.

Senior Teacher, Susan Bolton is an advocate for Crunch&Sip® and actively promotes the health and wellbeing of the school community. We interviewed Susan to gain some insights into how the program has been received.  

What made your school sign up for Crunch&Sip®?

“Bull Creek Primary School has been unofficially participating in the Crunch&Sip® program since 2005, and we have participated in various events over the years as well. It was time to become an official Crunch&Sip® school after being involved with the program for 16 years. It has become loved across all areas of our school,” said Susan.

Susan also outlined how Bull Creek Primary School has been focusing on mental health and wellbeing, and how a healthy diet can assist with good mental health.

What is the best thing about Crunch&Sip®?

Bull Creek Primary School has seen several benefits since joining the program. Susan highlighted some of the school’s favourite things about Crunch&Sip®.  These include:

  • Providing all children with an extra opportunity to refuel their bodies as all classrooms now participate since officially joining the program.

  • A noticeable improvement in concentration across the whole of school as children enjoy feeling revitalised and more energised.

  • Increased discussion and learning around the benefits of eating fruit and vegetables.

  • Creating a shared space for ‘buddy’ classrooms to come together in a relaxed and healthy way

  • Seeing children invested in the program as they express looking forward to being able to crunch on vegetables and not wanting to miss out.

Susan also reported that participating in the Crunch&Sip® whole school events [helped to] promote healthy eating and brings the school community together in a positive way.