500 schools strong

Crunch&Sip® officially signed up the 500th school!

On Friday the 29th of October the Crunch&Sip® team celebrated an exciting milestone, as St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School became the 500th school to join the program. Cancer Council WA’s popular Crunch&Sip® program has become a daily feature in schools around the State, providing a regular opportunity for students to increase their intake of fruit, vegetables, and water by providing a set time within the school day to consume them. The program now sees over 167 000 Western Australia primary school-aged children enjoying a daily Crunch&Sip break. 

 To celebrate, the Crunch&Sip® team attended the annual health and wellbeing day at St Simon Peter where the school was presented with the golden carrot award. Vegie Man also made a special guest appearance. Healthy eating and wellbeing are high on St Simon Peter’s agenda and Crunch&Sip® perfectly complements their wellbeing journey.

“We are extremely proud to officially join the Crunch&Sip® program and especially to be the 500th accredited school,” School Principal, Peter Cutrona. 

Mr Cutrona felt it was a good opportunity to be able to launch the program at the school on their wellbeing day.

 Cancer Council WA Schools Nutrition Senior Coordinator, Mikala Atkinson said she is delighted to see the continued growth of schools registering for the Crunch&Sip® program. Running since 2005, the program sees up to 50 percent of all eligible schools around the state participate in and benefit from the Crunch&Sip® program.

St Simon Peter CPS students Crunching of fruit and vegetables “These numbers are really encouraging, especially as we are trying to educate children while establishing healthy eating habits for them early in life. We know that kids are eating plenty of fruit, but they are missing out on vital nutrients from vegetables. They also forget to drink enough water during the day, so the Crunch&Sip® program is an excellent way to make sure they are getting what they need" said Mrs Atkinson.