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Let's Crunch&Sip!

Healthy lunchbox and waterbottle

Participating in a daily Crunch&Sip break provides an opportunity for children to drink water and eat an extra serve of vegetables or fruit to support good health and to help with learning and concentration in the classroom.

Crunch&Sip is also a fantastic opportunity to increase vegetable intake by choosing to pack vegetables more often.

Let's hero healthy habits and remember to pack Crunch&Sip every day!

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Are your students struggling to get through the school day? Consider offering a daily Crunch&Sip break and allowing your students to refuel on fresh vegies, fruit and to sip on water in the classroom. The rules are flexible, so work out what is best for yourself and your students.

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Navigating the lunchbox scene can be tricky, but we’ve got you! Check out our handy guides for packing Crunch&Sip and healthy lunchboxes and make sure your kids get the most out of their school day.

Latest news

Jan 10, 2022

Pack, eat and repeat.

As we roll into the school year for 2021, it's time to start thinking about ways to make lunchbox packing easy and affordable - and keep those mornings stress free.

Dec 28, 2021

Turning to Tech for Fun with Physical Activity

While it doesn’t need to be two hours in the cricket nets or a Saturday morning 5k jog, kids do need to move often for their health and development, and the more different movements they do the better. While we may see technology as a foe of physical activity, there is plenty of fun to be found in fitness through tech, and it’s mostly free!

Healthy christmas wreath platters Dec 7, 2021

Summer platters

Heading into summer and the holiday season, it’s all about BBQs, picnics, and classroom parties. Platters are a great way to bring something healthy and tasty along when you’re asked to bring a plate to share.

Nov 10, 2021

500 schools strong

On Friday the 29th of October the Crunch&Sip® team celebrated an exciting milestone, as St Simon Peter Catholic Primary School became the 500th school to join the program. Read more about the celebration here.

Oct 20, 2021

Pushy Parents: Get your kids back into biking

Whether you’re racing to school, or spending holiday time with the family, riding a bike provides the excitement of adventure as well as whole-body health benefits. Making physical activity family-friendly helps role model healthy behaviours for kids, which can make them more likely to continue to be active and healthy as they grow up

Oct 19, 2021

Unicorn Noodles: A magical science experiment for your classroom

Turn your science lesson into a magical experiment. This Unicorn noodle recipe is a fun classroom or home activity that mixes science and cooking into one lesson.

Newest WA Certified Schools

Certified in:
October 2021
Southern River

A warm welcome to YARRALINKA PRIMARY SCHOOL, who are now part of our Crunch&Sip program.

West Balcatta Primary School
Certified in:
September 2021

A warm welcome to West Balcatta Primary School, who are now part of our Crunch&Sip program.