Become a certified school

Are you located in Western Australia and want to introduce Crunch&Sip into your school? Or maybe you are already participating? Follow the simple steps below and sign up today!

If you are interested in becoming a Crunch&Sip school in New South Wales visit: Healthy Kids Association 

Step 1: Gather support

  • Approach the school administration team to ensure there is support for becoming a Crunch&Sip School. You could present our video or PowerPoint presentation to start the conversation.
  • Discuss strategies for implementing Crunch&Sip with staff members and parent committees.
  • Make Crunch&Sip a regular agenda item at a scheduled school meeting or develop a Health and Well-being committee.
  • Nominate a Crunch&Sip Coordinator.

Don't have enough support to certify your school? Try it in a classroom or two, see how here.

Step 2: Identify strategies

  • Ensure that strategies are developed to provide vegetables and/or fruit and water bottles for students who do not have access.

Step 3: Do a trial

  • Inform parents/carers e.g. distribute Crunch&Sip brochures and parent magnets (order free parent resources here).
  • Discuss the permitted and non-permitted foods with parents and students.
  • Set a time for students to eat their veg or fruit.
  • Trial Crunch&Sip for at least 2 weeks.
  • Ensure at least 75% of students are participating in Crunch&Sip.

Step 4: Take the pledge!

Once you have completed the steps 1-3 it’s time to make it official.

Download and sign the pledge


Apply online to become a certified school