Midwest Packed with Goodness road show

Vegie man at Binnu Primary School

In October 2020, Packed with Goodness went bush! Well, not really bush – Regional Education Officer Aiden McDowell and Packed with Goodness Project Officer Jodie Harris visited the Midwest region of WA. We hit the road to visit towns around Geraldton and share our health messages and lunchbox goodness with the hardworking country communities.

We spent a busy week visiting nine towns and traveling over 2000km. Schools en route were invited to host a Packed with Goodness session for their parents and we were very excited to have some wonderful schools get on board.  

We visited schools in Eneabba, Mullewa, Binnu, Yuna, Morawa, Perenjori, Mingenew and Three Springs.
Cancer Council's Aiden fueling up with Crunch&Sip (Banana)
Parents who attended were able to take away ideas and inspiration for packing balanced and nutritious lunches for their children.  We also shared tips and tricks for getting children to eat a variety of foods and, very importantly, ways to save money.

Attendees reported that they enjoyed the variety of ideas and listening to each other’s solutions to lunchbox issues. Parents suggested trying recipes such as homemade vegie pikelets, savoury chickpeas and being creative with raw vegetables.  

Label reading was also a hit, with parents being surprised at the ways salt and sugar can be hidden in popular items. Reading labels and comparing foods to make educated choices was enlightening; and often led to some disappointment when parent’s discovered that foods they had chosen were not as healthy as they thought!

The school children didn’t miss out either. Vegie Man came to visit and loved giving the kids a big high five. We talked about food groups and serving sizes using the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating. They had a great time racing in teams to sort pictures of different foods into the correct food groups on the poster.

The students also created pictures of healthy lunchboxes with so many amazing ideas around foods that could be included. Lots of crunchy vegetables and healthy homemade snacks were included, as well as water to drink. This linked well with our sugary drink activity - guessing the amount of sugar included in different drinks. The amounts shocked everyone, with the only drink that every student guessed correctly being the water!

What a great trip - thanks for having us Midwest! Stay tuned as we start packing our bags and getting ready to set off on the next tours throughout the South West and Wheatbelt during term one, 2021.

If you’re from a regional school and are interested in hosting a session then jump on our website www.crunchandsip.com.au or give us a call on 08 9212 4333. We hope to see you on the road!

    Mingenew Primary School’s inspiring mural
    Mingenew Primary School’s inspiring mural