Malibu School Crunch&Sip activity day

Malibu School Crunch&Sip Activity Day

On May 29, Malibu School in Safety Bay celebrated its annual Crunch&Sip and Walk to School activity day. The physical education department, in conjunction with the school’s Child and Adolescent Community Health Nurses, facilitated the event.

The event focused on healthy eating and the nurses prepared a variety of freshly cut fruit platters, smoothies and vegie sticks with healthy dip alternatives for students to enjoy. The morning was spent being physically active by playing games, including tug-of-war for the staff members and a dancing session for everyone to join in.

Announcements over the loudspeaker highlighted fun facts around fruits and vegetables as the students danced and ate their vegies. It was important to the school that parents were included in the event and they were provided with healthy lunchbox ideas and tips to take home.

Jasmine Teo from the Crunch&Sip  team and our Vegie Man mascot joined in the fun and danced along to the crowd favourites ‘Baby Shark’, ‘Fruit Salad’ and ‘Raw’. The students were delighted having the Crunch&Sip  mascot at the event.

“Events such as these create a sense of fun around healthy eating whilst educating students about what snacks are good for them” - Malibu School Deputy Principal, Natasha Miller.