KickStart Crunch&Sip- Staying motivated

Back to school chalk board and healthy lunchbox

Crunch&Sip is the perfect way to fill hungry little tummies with a healthy snack of vegetables or fruit and to hydrate with water.  Hungry kids can be grumpy kids so not only is Crunch&Sip an opportunity to eat extra serves of veg and fruit, it is also reported to improve concentration and behaviour.  In most classrooms, it is up to the teacher whether students take a Crunch&Sip break or munch away while they continue their work.

Is Crunch&Sip an everyday practice at your school? Or are you trying to get the program up and running? Whatever the situation for your school, we have pulled together some tips for staying motivated.

Teacher and students having Crunch&Sip Role modelling

Many teachers tell us they bring Crunch&Sip each day and eat it with their students. They say that it gives them an opportunity to chat with students about the types of vegetables and fruits they like to eat. This is a great idea, as role modelling, healthy eating will have a positive impact on your students, and they may even try new produce as a result. 1

Participate in Crunch&Sip events

There are two events during the year that are terrific for getting students excited about healthy eating.  Aside from some fun activities and heaps of free merchandise it puts Crunch&Sip on the agenda and makes eating vegies cool! Registrations for March Munch are now open, so sign your class up here and keep an eye out for The Great Vegie Crunch in September.

Reward healthy behaviors 

If you feel like your students need some encouragement to eat veg or fruit each day then consider a reward program.  The Crunch&Sip team can provide free resources like stickers and bookmarks and often have merchandise available to Crunch&Sip certified schools.

Information sharing

It’s important to keep parents motivated to provide healthy options for Crunch&Sip®. Visit the website and order some brochures or download facts sheets or newsletter inserts. These help to remind parents of the foods that can be sent in for Crunch&Sip® and the reasons why your school offers the program to their kids.

Fresh produce Sponsorship

If you are finding that some of your students often arrive without Crunch&Sip you might like to contact Foodbank WA or your local supermarket/growers market and seek donations. There are many examples of schools receiving support from local agencies and sometimes even a hand to help chop and distribute the veg/fruit to students. 

Check your registration status

 Is your school registered as a Crunch&Sip School? Check the website to see if your school is in fact signed up, because you could be missing out on information, resources, and funding to support and develop the program at your school. Any new schools that register in Term 1, 2020 will go in the draw to win a $1000 KickStart prize.

Call us on 08 9212 4333 if you need some support, or browse the website


  1. Boddy, L.M., et al., Using formative research to develop the healthy eating component of the CHANGE! school-based curriculum intervention. BMC Public Health 12, 710 (2012).