Fresh ideas for a safe summer holiday

The summer holidays are nearly here!

While we’re all ready to take a well-earned break, it’s important not to press pause on those healthy habits that you’ve worked hard to make part of your usual school routine. Keep your family safe and well through the hot summer months by continuing to be SunSmart, packing lots of water, reaching for healthy snacks and keeping your food cool when it counts. And let’s be honest, your holiday is going to be much more enjoyable without cranky kids who have had too many sugary snacks, too much sun and not enough water! To prepare to enjoy a well-earned rest and recharge, keep these four tips front of mind.

Build sun safety into your morning holiday routine

Being SunSmart needs to be a part of our everyday lives whenever the UV is 3 or above. Start each morning by putting on sunscreen (and reapply during the day) and choose clothes that cover as much skin as possible. Remember to pack brimmed hats and sunnies in your bag, and throw a couple of spares in the car. It’s also important to seek shade when you can and to plan your activities to avoid being outside in the middle of the day as this is when Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is at its highest. These are easy ways to help protect you and your family’s skin from exposure to UV. Download the SunSmart app to your smartphone and check the UV in real time!

screen shot of the Sunsmart UV app

Stay hydrated throughout the day 

Making sure children are drinking enough water is even more important over the hot summer months. Water has lots of essential jobs in our bodies, like regulating temperature and helping us digest our food. Encourage children to reach for water when they get thirsty by keeping a cold drink bottle in the fridge ready and waiting. Occasionally throw some frozen fruit in the bottle, which will keep it cool and add some refreshing flavour. And don’t forget to freeze the drink bottle if you are heading out for the day.

young girl drinking water from a bottle

Keep packing those healthy snacks 

Whether hanging out at home, heading to the beach, or camping in the bush, children need healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up between meals. Having healthy snacks pre-prepared and readily accessible makes it easy for children to eat well each day. Place a big container in the fridge filled with cut up carrots, mini cucumbers, cherry tomatoes or whole snow peas. Place it on a low shelf so that hungry children can easily grab a healthy snack for themselves. Freeze mini containers of yoghurt or fruit popsicles for a cooling and refreshing treat, and have plenty of fresh fruit available for when the hungry hoards end up at your house.

 Keep it cool, keep it safe

Keeping perishable food cold is essential over summer - but this can be quite a challenge when out and about! Cold bricks are an effective way to keep everything cool, but don’t forget you can freeze lots of other items too. Try freezing water bottles, smoothies, chopped fruit or containers of yoghurt. Savoury muffins, mini quiches or pikelets can also be frozen and packed for your summer day travels. This will help to keep the food fresh and tasty when lunchtime rolls around.

 fruit icy poles on a plate

Summer holidays are all about having fun and spending time with the people you care about the most. So try our simple tips for a safe and happy holiday, and from all of us in the Crunch&Sip team, have a very Merry Christmas.