Crunch&Sip ethos

Mikala Atkinson, Nutritionist

water bottle and container of chopped fruit and veg

Over the years Crunch&Sip® has become an embedded part of the school day for many Western Australian primary school students.

To support our Crunch&Sip® schools we have recently updated our How to Crunch&Sip® fact sheets.

These factsheets provide a clear guide for coordinators, teachers and parents around the expectations of the program, tips for success and where to go for additional support. Visit the website to download these fact sheets today.

Remember, Crunch&Sip® is an in-class opportunity for students to snack on additional serves of fruit and vegetables and sip on water. This break is in addition to recess and lunch. The Crunch&Sip® program aims to:

  • Boost energy and concentration outside of recess and lunch
  • Increase the serves of vegetables and fruits that children eat across the week
  • Provide a space for positive peer modelling and encourage adventurous eating

If your school is seeking support, would like to ask a question, or just wants to share how the program is going, send us an email at and we will be in touch. 

Don't forget we run free lunchbox sessions for parents full of helpful tips and inspiration! 

Our ‘Packed with Goodness’ sessions provide advice and support to help parents pack a nutritious lunch with confidence. For more information, to browse our lunchbox recipes, or to find out about booking a session simply visit the website.