WA kids munch on vegies

Jigalong Remote Community School March Munchers

An incredible 13,600 students from 551 classrooms participated in this year’s annual March Munch event. The event was open to all WA primary schools and challenged students to eat vegies each day during their Crunch&Sip breaks for the entire month.  The event is only one of the strategies being implemented by the Crunch&Sip team to boost vegetable intake as research shows that only 1 in 6 WA primary school children are reaching the recommended guidelines.

On average, kids ate vegies 72 percent of the time, which was a fantastic result and shows just how important the school environment is in encouraging kids to eat more vegetables.

The feedback we received from teachers was extremely positive, as most teachers really enjoyed introducing March Munch into their classrooms.

“March Munch was great to motivate and excite students about vegetables.  They loved seeing what everyone was bringing in and it also helped students concentrate on their work as they were fuller for longer.” (Year 3/4 teacher)

March Munch crunchers from Jigalong Remote Community School